Chalsie Keller, California Subrogation Attorney

Associate, Subrogation Department


Chalsie Keller, Esq. began her experience in civil litigation, personal injury and subrogation during her second semester of law school when she was hired by Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, APC. Ms. Keller’s experience quickly moved from clerical office tasks to drafting court documents and memoranda in a matter of a few months. By the end of her first year with the firm, Ms. Keller had successfully assisted in the settlement of six cases, drafted winning arguments and motions, and had been assigned the task of assisting the managing partner with all aspects of investigation and litigation of the firm’s cases.


Ms. Keller now works as an associate with Siegel, Moreno & Stettler, representing plaintiffs in civil litigation involving personal injury and subrogation in California courts.


California Practice


  • Worker's Compensation Subrogation
  • Property Subrogation
  • Personal Injury Litigation




Ms. Keller began honing her skills as a representative, public speaker and effective negotiator during her undergraduate years at the California State University, Chico where she graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in 2010. While working full-time to support herself and taking a full schedule of courses, Ms. Keller committed a large portion of her time working in the Community Legal Information Center where she handled Social Security cases before an Administrative Law Judge. Ms. Keller was also actively involved in California State University, Chico’s moot court and debate teams, winning multiple awards including First Place and Best Presentation in debate and Third Place and Best Brief in moot court.


Ms. Keller earned her Juris Doctorate at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2015, graduating in the top third of her class. There, Ms. Keller developed her passion for litigation and skills in negotiation and trial advocacy.


Over the course of her career, Ms. Keller has been determined to be an active member of the community. Being the first in her family to achieve a post-secondary education, she has anchored her studies and career on the foundational belief everyone in life has a special gift or talent and once they realize what that talent is, they should use it to help better the world in any way they can.